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In 2005 Dorr Oliver Eimco bought the Water Division of Jones + Attwood and the exclusive use of the name Jones + Attwood. The Air & Gas Division of Jones + Attwood became Higgins and Hewins Limited. The business continues to operate from the same premises in Stourbridge with the same personnel. Simply the name has changed.

With over 1000 Air & Gas Purification Units installed throughout the UK, we have unparalleled experience in this field. Our Jatreat media from Alphasorb is the essential element of the Dry Scrubbing systems. Their medias are vital to the success of the Odour Control systems in the Waste Water Industry.

For high H2S concentrations the SulfaTreat process provides an excellent compliment to the product range. Whether treating air streams or gas streams, the running cost advantages with SulfaTreat are very attractive. SulfaTreat is now widely used for Biogas and Natural Gas Scrubbing.

Pre-treatment of some process streams is essential sometimes to reduce running costs. We have extensive experience of Catalytic Iron Filters, Biofilters and Demisting.

Servicing of installed equipment and providing Medias to OEM customers is the main business emphasis at present. Units in our rental fleet are always in strong demand. This concentration of effort enables us to provide a high level of technical and practical support to enable optimum performance to be guaranteed and maintained.

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